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I'm Chessie & I just moved to Los Angeles to study acting at Santa Monica College.
I advocate peace & I believe in love & second chances. Remember, anything is possible if you just believe!
Here on my blog I share pictures of my life in LA, my looks, my thoughts, dreams & passions, poetry, stories along the road, music & love. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for stopping by. Namaste! x


"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost."

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What happens in Vegas...

What a weekend I've had!! My ladies and I jumped on a bus on Friday and went all the way to Las Vegas baby! We had such a blast, everything was so epic! Oh how I love life! I'm so glad that I know so many amazing people. A big thanks to everyone involved in making this weekend so great, and to SLS for having us! Now it's time to recharge the batteries, see you next time Vegas!! x


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I am the seagull! No that's not right..

I just got back from a work out session down at one of our gyms! Barre flow was on the schedule and gosh did I sweat!! It was a mix of ballet, yoga and pilates. It's so convenient to have a gym with gym classes in your building. Hopefully I'll have time to attend more of them. But my schedule is quite hectic nowadays so we'll see..
In a few weeks my ballet class is starting in school. We're talking 7.45am Monday-Thursday. How on earth will I manage that?? I can barely get our of bed when I start around 11am... But it will be so good for me in the long run I can imagine. 

My roomies are getting ready for a night out, but I'm staying here in our flat tonight - practicing my monologue and studying for the IPA test I have in my stage dialect class tomorrow. Right now I'm trying to perfect my standard American accent, yeah it's not an easy task for me. I always end up sounding british in the end! Haha. x


I love Sundays

I just love Sundays! Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week. Not because I'm glad the weekend is over and excited for that infamous Monday. But because on Sundays you don't have to do shit. Because on Sundays we rest. You can just lie in bed all day without feeling bad about it, no obligations just an entire day to waste... That isn't completely true though 'cause there are a lot of things that people have to do on Sundays. But for me, that's the only day when I actually feel like I have time to do these things. Time to do things that I don't necessarily have time doing during the rest of the week. Like grocery shopping, watching series and other interesting clips on youtube, a walk in the park, sleeping in, reflecting over life, breathing, shaving my legs and such. The only thing that is missing this Sunday is some quality time in those lovely jacuzzis in our building. Apparently everyone in this complex felt like going there tonight, yeah I slowly walked back to my flat with disappointment. Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you! x



I watched the first episode of Gotham last night and I loved every second of it!! The accents, the actors, the lighting and the way they made the city look. After seeing posters all over LA for weeks now I just knew I had to watch this series! And it was even better than I expected. Oh how great it feels when you find something you like! Has anyone seen it?? x


Just to put it out there

Some random pics that I've managed to collect on my iPhone. x


Lovely Sunday

This Sunday has been so good! First we went to a pool party at the Roosevelt for some drinks and sunshine. Then we walked down Hollywood Blvd like proper tourists and eventually ended up having a late lunch at some sushi place with amazing food. When we got back home we went straight to the pool for some swimming and chilling in the jacuzzi. Sounds like a pretty great Sunday if you ask me! x


California dreaming

Life here in LA is slowly but steady turning from a total mess to that amazing thing I've envisioned it to be. Now let's do this!! x