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I'm Chessie, 22 from Sweden. Here on my blog I share pictures of my life, my looks, my thoughts, dreams & passions, stories along the road, memories, music & love. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for stopping by. Namaste! x

I'm moving back to the UK

I have decided to leave Los Angeles behind for this time. It just doesn't feel right here and I've had this lingering feeling ever since I moved here. But I stayed, I endured, I tried, I cried, I crossed path with a lot of amazing people, and a lot of not so amazing people. I lost myself, I thought I found her and then I lost her again. I have experienced incredible things and I've struggled with so much stress and anxiety. But when it comes down to it I am so happy that I went on this  journey - but it's time for me to leave Lala-land behind. I don't see it as giving up, it's more like realising that this path just isn't for me. The destination is still the same, I'm just choosing to take another way to get there. It feels so relieving to finally have made up my mind now, because I've been so indecisive lately it's ridiculous. But finally I can move on and start living a life that I choose for myself. My flight leaves in two weeks, so I still have a few more days here in California. Let's make them epic! x


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Life's a climb

I've been studying all day so a break was well needed. Life over here in Lala-land is pretty hectic. Especially now when our finals are waiting around the corner. I'm super stressed out and my root chakra is so out of balance.  I'm trying to center myself through exercise, grounding food and meditation. But it's still tough and right now in this state even the most simple thing is a struggle. Oh the pressure..  I really hope I can snap out of it and get back in balance soon, because right now everything is just a mess! When I think about it I believe I've been out of balance for quite some time now. No surprise really because I've moved like a hundred times the past few years. Late nights, alcohol, no real stability in any area of my life. Always new things, new places, new people, new jobs and so much travelling. Not that I'm complaining, because I've had a great time - but it has slowly driven my health off the cliff. So now I gotta climb back up again. Yeah, life's a climb - but at least the view is great! x


The 1975 at the Palladium

The 1975 sold out the Palladium here in Los Angeles last night and I was so bummed that I didn't get the chance to lay my hands on any tickets. Luckily though I remembered that I have Twitter so I posted some tweets and voilà my name was on the guest list. And the show? Well, it was unbelievably amazing! I mean how good can a band be, seriously? And Matt Healy is too sexy for his own good, I can't even... 
Going to shows, the theatre and other performances by myself has sort of become a thing for me over here in LA. I'm not complaining! x

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Shake your body like a belly dancer

So this happened tonight... ! My friend  Stella is a belly dancer so we had some fun with her costumes and she taught me some moves! x

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Halloween is over for this time

Halloween is over for this time, but same time next year eh? Halloween is very big over here in LA and it's been so much fun to experience it the American way. There's been parties all over the place for more than a week and I only wish I could've gone to more places, but that's not physically possible I'm afraid.
It was so much fun seeing the entire city turn into a sexy horror film for a night. And I loved how everyone really went all in with their costumes! I kept it simple this year and dedicated my outfits to the animal kingdom. I mean who doesn't love bunnies and cats? 
I have some friends that went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, it sounded completely insane so hopefully I'll make it next year. So many things to do, so little time and no money!! 

I hope your Halloween was just as great as mine! xx


It's been a while

Hi there, it's been a while! There hasn't been much time or energy for blogging between everything that's been going and breathing  over here. But I'll tell you about some of the things I've lived to see over here in the sun...

Earlier today I went to CBS by the Grove to see "Dancing with the stars". Just wow. It was such an amazing show and so much fun seeing all the dancers live! They had a Halloween special this week so everything was in that theme with zombies, cobwebs, grave stones and everything you can imagine. I'm so impressed with everyone learning new chorepgraphies every week. I know how slow I've become when it comes to learning things lately, and those dances are not simple!! I was super impressed with the group choreography with Janel Parrish and Derek Hough amongst others. Oh and Derek is such a babe, thanks for being shirtless during the entire show!! 

Last Friday we went to the CBS Studio Center in Studio City to see the taping of "Baby Daddy".  I was super excited to be on set 'cause I've loved that sitcom for quite some time now!! And I might also have a minor crush on Jean-Luc Bilodeau.. Thumbs up for feeding us pizza and candy during the show, it was much appreciated I can tell.. 

I would really recommend everyone who has the interest to get your hands on tickets to these kind of events. For show like Baby Daddy, 2 Broke Girls Big Bang Theory etc. you can get the tickets here!  
The only thing that sucks is that you're not aloud to bring your phone into places like these and sometimes you have to stand in line for hours...

One Saturday night I went to see my magical gypsy princess of freedom - Neon Hitch - perform at the Mint. I went alone and it was definitely worth it, she was brilliant!! I really need to go to these kind of things to keep myself motivated. It's so easy to lose your focus in a city like Los Angeles. Especially if you're a broke ass struggling student trying to survive all of the obstacles you stumble upon over here. Who you surround yourself with is really important. Even vital! 

This morning my ballet classes started. At 7.45 people... Four times a week... Yeah I would bet money on me not being able to keep up! I felt like a clumsy hippo in a leotard trying to be graceful... Not a pretty sight as you probably can imagine. I'll get there eventually, maybe I'll even become flexible and fit whilst trying! I've never been more out of shape than I am now. Or have I? To be honest I've never been in shape, haha! x



What happens in Vegas...

What a weekend I've had!! My ladies and I jumped on a bus on Friday and went all the way to Las Vegas baby! We had such a blast, everything was so epic! Oh how I love life! I'm so glad that I know so many amazing people. A big thanks to everyone involved in making this weekend so great, and to SLS for having us! Now it's time to recharge the batteries, see you next time Vegas!! x


I am the seagull! No that's not right..

I just got back from a work out session down at one of our gyms! Barre flow was on the schedule and gosh did I sweat!! It was a mix of ballet, yoga and pilates. It's so convenient to have a gym with gym classes in your building. Hopefully I'll have time to attend more of them. But my schedule is quite hectic nowadays so we'll see..
In a few weeks my ballet class is starting in school. We're talking 7.45am Monday-Thursday. How on earth will I manage that?? I can barely get our of bed when I start around 11am... But it will be so good for me in the long run I can imagine. 

My roomies are getting ready for a night out, but I'm staying here in our flat tonight - practicing my monologue and studying for the IPA test I have in my stage dialect class tomorrow. Right now I'm trying to perfect my standard American accent, yeah it's not an easy task for me. I always end up sounding british in the end! Haha. x


I love Sundays

I just love Sundays! Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week. Not because I'm glad the weekend is over and excited for that infamous Monday. But because on Sundays you don't have to do shit. Because on Sundays we rest. You can just lie in bed all day without feeling bad about it, no obligations just an entire day to waste... That isn't completely true though 'cause there are a lot of things that people have to do on Sundays. But for me, that's the only day when I actually feel like I have time to do these things. Time to do things that I don't necessarily have time doing during the rest of the week. Like grocery shopping, watching series and other interesting clips on youtube, a walk in the park, sleeping in, reflecting over life, breathing, shaving my legs and such. The only thing that is missing this Sunday is some quality time in those lovely jacuzzis in our building. Apparently everyone in this complex felt like going there tonight, yeah I slowly walked back to my flat with disappointment. Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you! x

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