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I'm Chessie, a 22 year old rolling stone from Sweden. I want life to be a work of art. So I'm singing, acting, taking pictures & I love fashion. I'm a feminist, a veggie, I advocate peace and I believe in love. Here on my blog I share pictures of my life, my looks, my thoughts, dreams & passions, stories along the road, memories, music & love. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for stopping by. Namaste! x Current Location: London Contact:

The Harry PotterShop

When I was at King's Cross Station the other day I snuck into the Harry Potter Shop to look at wands imagining what my life would be like if I went to Hogwarts. I mean how freaking epic would that be? Just casting spells and making potions all day long. And how about some convenient teleportation!!

I wanted to buy everything they had, which I obviously couldn't 'cause I have no money.

I really need to get my arse to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour this year. That should be pretty fantastic I reckon. Oh how I love everything Harry Potter related!! x


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Honey I'm home

Hi friends! I've been really busy all week. Guess what? I've moved to my darling London!! It feels fantastic to be back. And seeing my London friends again has been amazing, they're all such wonderful people!

I've managed to do so many things ever since I got here, so it feels like I've been here for way longer than a week. I've worked at my old job. I've applied for plenty of new jobs. I've sorted a new job. I've been to the cinema, a casino and a strip club. I've become vegan again. I've had dinner at the Savoy, Nando's, Wagamama and Cinnamon Spice. I've seen some old friends, and I've met some new ones. I've found a new favourite tea. I've been to a crowded members club that had a drum set. I've looked at a room that hopefully will become my future home. I've sung karaoke. I've caught up with most of the series I'm watching. I've had endless discussions about life and the universe. And I've been freezing my bum off, what's up with the cold London??

I'm so happy to be back were I belong. I'm really loving life at the moment. The universe is such a fantastic thing to be a part of, and I'm looking forward to all the future memories I'll make in this life that I'm living. It's just amazing. x





I got a pleasant surprise today when I was having scones. An orange envelope filled with polaroid pictures!

I stumbled upon the app Printic a couple of days ago and a few minutes later I had ordered a bunch of polaroid pics. I love polaroids!! I'm gonna put these on my wall when I have my own room in the future.

These are the best scones I've ever had. I never knew scones could be so lush!

Printic has free delivery, and if you use the code 2368A7 when you order you'll get a £4 discount. You can order posters, calendars, magnets and a photobook as well! I'm definitely going for the photobook next. x




A day in Cardiff

I had the day off so I took the train down south to spend the day with my friend Gemma, whom I haven't seen since spring 2013? I can't believe it's almost been two years, time is really flying!!

I don't think I've been to Cardiff before, or at least not seen the place properly. But today we walked and drove around the city. I have probably not even seen half of it, but I liked what I saw. It was nothing compared to London though!

They had green buses with dragons on them. I think it's so cute that Wales has a dragon as their national symbol.

I love paintings on walls.

I actually expected the train station to be bigger, I'm so used to tiny Hay-on-Wye (they don't even have a train station) now so I kind of expect everything to be big!

Look at this library!! It makes me wanna go inside end rent a book.

We had a cheeky dinner at T.G.I Friday's and it was lush! The waiter was super nice and so funny, he could probably have been mistaken for being on speed.

I've waited a long time for that veggie burger!!

Not sure why, but there was a massive blinking lightning bolt right in the middle of the street.

I can imagine this city being really beautiful during the summer. Cardiff reminded me a bit about Gothenburg actually!

Sipping on a caramel soy latte always makes me happy! I'm not sure why, but I get a euphoric feeling when I drink it. It reminds me of freedom I suppose!

The Cardiff Bay was so beautiful with all the restaurants and pubs.

It was a well needed day I can tell, and it was so much fun to see my babe Gemma again. I need more days like this in my life! x​








The town of books

I haven't read a proper book in such a long time, but since I live in the town of books I have no excuse not to start reading again. So today on my stroll through town and ended up in a massive bookstore (Hay-on-Wye Booksellers) with numerous titles I've both heard of and ones I didn't even know existed. Old books, new books, forgotten books and books that will never be remembered.

The shelves were filled all the way to the ceiling and I didn't even know where to start. How does one pick a book if you have no clue what you are looking for? They had everything from books about ballet, to the bible. Old classics and children's books. Autobiographies, books about politics, history books and fantasy. Books about angels and books about the Beatles. It was a readers paradise to say the least.

I was probably in there for an hour. Just looking at titles, opening old books to see what was hidden inside.

You could get some of the books for a pound. But some of them were really expensive, like the first edition of "You Only Live Twice" by Ian Fleming for £750.

I left the store with four books. It's reading time! x




Black & white

I'm so in love with black & white photography! Here are some pictures of my daily surroundings. x




A music video I did a while back

I watched a freaky film last night were people went completely insane (The Divide) and that made me think of this music video I did a while back. You know that time I went crazy bananas in a pajamas, it was a  bloody mess for sure. Check it out! x




Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

I've been thinking a lot lately. Too much even, but still not enough. Today how ever I did some research and I have decided to apply to a music school in London. Fingers crossed everything will be sorted out in the best way possible. I have a good feeling about this! x




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