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I'm Chessie, a 22 year old rolling stone from Sweden. I want life to be a work of art. So I'm singing, acting, taking pictures & I love fashion. I'm a feminist, a veggie, I advocate peace and I believe in love.
Here on my blog I share pictures of my life, my looks, my thoughts, dreams & passions, stories along the road, memories, music & love. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for stopping by. Namaste! x
Current Location: Magical Wales



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The town of books

I haven't read a proper book in such a long time, but since I live in the town of books I have no excuse not to start reading again. So today on my stroll through town and ended up in a massive bookstore (Hay-on-Wye Booksellers) with numerous titles I've both heard of and ones I didn't even know existed. Old books, new books, forgotten books and books that will never be remembered.

The shelves were filled all the way to the ceiling and I didn't even know where to start. How does one pick a book if you have no clue what you are looking for? They had everything from books about ballet, to the bible. Old classics and children's books. Autobiographies, books about politics, history books and fantasy. Books about angels and books about the Beatles. It was a readers paradise to say the least.

I was probably in there for an hour. Just looking at titles, opening old books to see what was hidden inside.

You could get some of the books for a pound. But some of them were really expensive, like the first edition of "You Only Live Twice" by Ian Fleming for £750.

I left the store with four books. It's reading time! x


Black & white

I'm so in love with black & white photography! Here are some pictures of my daily surroundings. x


A music video I did a while back

I watched a freaky film last night were people went completely insane (The Divide) and that made me think of this music video I did a while back. You know that time I went crazy bananas in a pajamas, it was a  bloody mess for sure. Check it out! x


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

I've been thinking a lot lately. Too much even, but still not enough. Today how ever I did some research and I have decided to apply to a music school in London. Fingers crossed everything will be sorted out in the best way possible. I have a good feeling about this! x


I don't want to live in a world without wifi

The wifi here in Wales has been tremendously disappointing lately. One could say I've been climbing the walls, had way too much chocolate, and slept a little bit too much. It's all relative. x


The cigarette duet


Fuck it

When I woke up today I felt like a zombie, dead. And all day I've been struggling with feelings that I don't like. And once you're in that vicious circle of awfulness it's hard to snap out of it. Sadness I can handle, anger as well. But if there's one thing I can not stand it's anxiety. Anxiety is like having a supermassive black hole inside your body whilst being on a raft in the middle of a stormy sea. It's everything stuck in nothingness. Doing anything is hard and doing nothing is even harder. The worst part of it is that I don't even know why I'm feeling this way. If I only knew why, then I'd be able to cope with it. But the reason is hidden somewhere between something and everything, how am I supposed to know? And I always forget to breathe. Breathing is great, I need to do more of that. 

What do you do when you get really bad anxiety? x

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